21 Day Spring Challenge

 When: April 9th - 30th 2018 
The days are getting longer, the sun in shining brighter and we are ready for YOU to join our strength-gaining, fat-burning, feel-good, energy-boosting, supportive community! 

Summer is right around the corner and so is tank top season. We want you to feel comfortable in your summer clothes, be able to run that race you’ve signed up for, and have more energy to enjoy life! 

During this program we will turn up the heat, bring the energy, and watch you excel! No matter if you are newish to exercise, want to increase your strength and stamina, or get in shape for your upcoming sport season we are here to kick it up a notch and make a difference in your fitness and life! We're not about just looking fit here at e², we're about BEING FIT. 
Our program is not the ‘next best thing’, or the latest workout craze.  We pride ourselves on creating workouts that consist of tried and tested exercises that are designed to challenge your whole body each and every day!
There’s no fluff here … just fitness made FUN! 
During the 21 days, you will track your fitness and nutrition, set goals, kick bad habits, and take part in fun daily challenges.  We want you to succeed and inspire those around you to live a healthy, active life!
So…what does it take to succeed, transform and reach your goals ?!

- A desire for change
- Dedication to fitness and nutrition
- Lifestyle geared toward reaching your goals
- Amping your fitness routine to the next level
- Positive attitude
- Killer work ethic

 See what some of our members have to say about E Squared Fitness and the 21 Day Challenge! 

"Working out" was not an appealing concept before E2. The 21 Day Challenge is what got me hooked on fitness. It helped me gain a new perspective on embracing a healthy lifestyle and has introduced me to a motivating community. Now when my alarm goes off in the morning I am excited to workout with E2, as Emma pushes us to hustle!
- Sarah A.

The 21 Day Challenge was a great way to immerse myself in a healthy fitness routine that kick started my summer with daily activity. It was an exciting and challenging opportunity to push my limits while seeing quick improvements and results. For anyone sitting on the sidelines looking for an excuse to get into a regular fitness routine, this challenge is for you!! It’s a great way to try it and go at your own pace. The E Squared 21 Day Challenge is simply the best!!
- Sean R.
The 21 Day Challenge has made a hug difference in my life!  I feel great!  I've noticed a huge difference in my strength.  Also, I'm getting tighter (having a baby takes a toll on your body) and in just 21 days of eating healthy and exercising I've noticed a HUGE difference!  Bring on the next challenge!
- Courtney N. 
I haven't had a lot of challenges, physically or nutritionally in awhile!  This made me more aware of eating habits and helped me get myself to the gym without excuses! 
- Julie R.
I can honestly say, I LOVED workout with e2!!  Emma is so inspiring.  This whole program has made me feel better than I have in a long time.  I'm super excited to keep working out with e2!
- Hillary W
Being made to eliminate a bad habit (which I was so ready for ;)), I didn't realize how much of my day was consumed with crap!  Removing it made space for relaxing with a tea every morning, more training time with our pup, and reading.  It also removed a lot of negative thoughts or at least didn't place the negative thoughts that were there in the first place ;) 
- Shauneen T
This Challenge got my butt motivated to workout and be more conscious of my eating habits.  I feel better and stronger overall.  Moving in the right direction. 
- Vicki B
Tracking what I eat and how much water I drink made me feel more responsible and aware of what I was putting into my body.
- Kirstie P

 Sign - up Process 

 Step 1: 

APPLY to be part of our online training program! 

 Step 2 : 

Once you have been approved, you can sign up for one of our 21 Day Challenge by clicking on the 'Buy Now' button below. Purchase your training via Paypal, Credit card or Debit. 

 Step 3 : 

Once your payment has been approved I will send you an email with your 'Voucher Code' within 24hrs. You can then sign up below and create your account!!

** Remember your email and password.  This will be your login!**

 Step 4 : 

Once you've created your account and made a note of your login details.  You will then be able to login in via our members login page here!  

Once in your account your can fill out your participation form, informed consent form, and start-up questionnaire that appear under the 'forms' tab and in your calendar.  These are mandatory before you can receive your workouts.

You will also find our wonderful Welcome Booklet under the 'coaching' tab!  You can download this, print it off, and read it before your Challenge starts!  In this, you will find information on how to get the most out of your training, along with loads of resources to help you succeed! 

 Step 5 : 

On the Friday morning prior to the start of the program you will see ALL your workouts go live (under the 'Program' tab and on your calendar)!  

You will also see assessments to do during your first week, results tracking (measurements), and before photos (if you please).