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I am a certified online trainer, strength and conditioning specialist and life athlete who will change the way you think about exercise, food and your body.  
- Emma Cole
AUGUST 2nd - SEPTEMBER 30th 2021

Sick of your current fitness routine?  Having trouble finding a program that makes this whole fitness thing FUN? Tired of seeing 'average' results?

I've empowered hundreds of women to feel strong and confident in their fitness journey.  Let me teach you how to exercise in a fast, effective, fun way.  You will learn how to create a lifestyle that is sustainable for you and your family.  One that will add energy, happiness and joy to your daily routine. 
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  • Workouts are created by me for you.  They are tried and tested in our gym.  I know how you should feel after each exercise and workout you complete.    
  • Workouts are designed to challenge you but also bring an element of fun and accomplishment.
  • In order to see optimal results in your training, you must challenge yourself physically and mentally. Push yourself at a pace that works for you. 
  • Workouts blend bodyweight exercise with cardio and core. Adding free-weights and other simple pieces of equipment to create unique, fun,  results driven workouts that will keep you entertained. 
  • Workouts can be modified to suit your level of fitness to create the perfect program for you. 
  • I will provide you with the accountability, support and the direction you need to reach your goals.
  • I will motivate you and educate you along the way
fitness, Victoria Bootcamp, Fit Women,
  • First things first, you must apply to be a part of our online training program.  You can apply here 
  • Once you have been approved and signed up, you be on your way to start in one of our Challenges or Fitness Programs.    
  • We will send you a step by step guide walking you through your personal fitness account, and learn how to download and use our app.  This can be accessed on any device (mobile, computer, or tablet). 
  • You will then have access to video demonstrations of each exercise you will preform in the workouts. 
  • Access to 5 follow along workout videos with yours truly as the main star, along with a PDF of your workouts to print off to take to the gym.
  • You will also have lifetime access to our  PRIVATE - E Squared Fitness Online Family page! (join today here) 
fitness, Victoria Bootcamp, Fit Women,
  • Your workout space requires minimal equipment and minimal space.  Aka. you can workout ANYWHERE. Do a couple twirls around, if you don't hit anything, perfect, you can workout there ;) 
  • As for equipment, of course we can work with what you have at home ;) I strongly suggested to grab a kettle bell/ hand weights and a stretchy band. I've put together a 'home gym guide' where you can find reasonably priced equipment for your own space for a small price! Check it out here! 
  • Be smart.  You can workout in your home, the park or your local fitness centre with our workouts.  Build total body strength, be balanced and keep your body performing at it's best for years to come. 
  • We are here to check your form (you can upload videos through our app). 

Mary Cossette

Exercise is hard enough, it should not be boring too .. E Squared puts the fun back into it! "What you do now dictates your future".

Julie Guenther

Work your butt off to reach your goals.  You get out of life what you put into it. Invest in yourself. You’re going to do great

Kate Begg

Being fit isn’t about a certain weight but rather a feeling of accomplishment.  Moving up in weights, moving down in pull-up bands, completing more reps, it’s all about the progress.

Sandra Bennett

It's knowing how to exercise with the safest, best methods, leading to overall better results.

Due to the high level of support I give each client, spaces are strictly limited. Get started now to secure your place or risk missing out until the next Challenge opens up.  Acceptance into an E Squared Online Challenge opens six times per year and will open to the public
APRIL, 2021.


... and be the first notified about our at home, online training program.
Registration opens JULY 22nd !! 

Thanks! Message sent.

Thank you for your interest in our at home, online program!  You have secured your spot on our Waiting List for E Squared Fitness Online!!  

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