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Meet The Team

Owner / Fitness Coach



What is E Squared Fitness? and WHO AM I?!


My name is Emma Cole! I’m a 30 year old, mama to a beautiful baby girl, and wife of a dairy farmer.
I grew up playing all the sports (mainly figure skating, then hockey) - and continued to play varsity hockey in University! I also grew up on a dairy farm with hard working parents and 2 brothers - to keep me tough (mentally and physically)…Yes, this has 100% shaped who I am as a fitness coach! A lot of what I preach stems from habits I’ve formed from my childhood into my high school/ University years. I was that kid who biked to school, packed my own lunches, ran during my spare, and worked numerous jobs because that’s all I knew!
Needless to say I’ve been active and driven my whole life!
I launched E Squared Fitness less than a year out of University (which was over 7 years ago!!)  I’ve had no excuse to ever stop moving and continuing to build these habits - that have become a lifestyle! One that is realistic, sustainable and obviously filled with fun – (I teach this lifestyle to each one of my Online members!)
I went to the University of Waterloo where I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and Co-op! It was during my Co-op jobs that I found my true passion and gained confidence teaching those fitness and health!!!
I started my Co-op placements working with an ‘Older Adults Wellness Program’ where I would do in home exercises and travel to nursing homes… where we would exercise with soup cans!!
My next 3 work terms took place at the Ontario Police College. I was an assistant Physical Training instructor!  Let’s just say I got to lead large group classes of ‘police recruits’ and join in on the workouts to push them to their limits – nobody wants a girl to beat them ;) I found my passion!! 
During University I also taught numerous fitness classes every week on top of my own training for hockey and full course load. Aka my whole life has been spent either training for sport or training the public for life!
*** This is also an important part of who I am as a coach, as I have dealt with ALL walks of life IN PERSON!!
*** AND, I know what it’s like to be BUSY, and therefore can teach you my tips and tricks to STILL PUT YOUR HEALTH FIRST!!
SO, yes, I am extremely experienced and have been professionally training people for 12 years!
My mission is to inspire not only my bootcamp members, but those who follow my business online to live a healthy life and treat their bodies with respect.
I believe in honesty, hard work, dedication and leading by example. By setting a good example for my clients they are motivated and inspired by me to do the same.
I strongly believe in sticking to the essentials (movement, sleep, hydration, and more veggies). My online members create a plan that works for them and follow it though.  No one is perfect, no day is perfect, but we are always moving forward.
I believe it is important to move your body in a way that will create balance and prevent injury.  This is what sets E Squared workouts apart!! We build a foundation that transfers into everyday life… making life EASIER, and pain free ;) I would never tell someone to exercise in a certain way I believe would cause damage to their bodies in the future! I am so thankful so my education on back pain, and knowledge on SAVING YOUR SPINE!
I strive to educate my members on what it takes to be successful in reaching their goals.  I do not promote a get fit fast plan, yet one that leads to a lifestyle change and years of active living and eating healthy.  Once my members are educated, they share (through word of mouth, or Facebook) the good ‘healthy’ news, and it becomes a trickle effect! YAY for more people living the fit- healthy-life!
Though my social media (Facebook and Instagram) I provide daily inspiration and motivation to my followers and members to apply to their lives!
You are welcome to join our Private E Squared Online Family Facebook Group here:  I share top notch content from trusted sources EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!!!
I originally started E Squared Online to allow people who couldn’t make it to my classes still be part of E Squared’s fun.  We have members across Canada participating in the online workouts, creating a healthy lifestyle, gaining total body strength and becoming confident!
Online members have the opportunity to do my follow along videos with me as their workout buddy, they are held accountable to their plan, and stay motivated through my emails, check-ins, and online software!
MY aim is to empower and motivate people to not only improve their fitness, but to implement a healthier, happier lifestyle. And I believe we are achieving this through E Squared Online!!! 
E Squared Online is for people who want MORE.  They want more accountability, challenges, and workouts they can do at home.  This is also a more budget friendly option and is great for those who don’t live next door to a gym (aka. ANYWHERE IN CANADA!!!)
HOW IS E Squared Fitness DIFFERENT?
E Squared differs from the average fitness organization because we do not focus on an ‘end result’. What does that even mean anyway? Does it mean that one day you will just stop making healthy decisions because you’ve dropped a certain amount of weight or achieved a fitness goal? The day you join us for the first time is just as important and successful as the day you reach a fitness goal. No day is more important than another, we must learn to embrace the process and accept the reality of the JOURNEY. So together, let’s help each other and learn to love ourselves TODAY, tomorrow and on this path to becoming the best version of you. No matter the phase you are in, whether you’re just getting started on your fitness and healthy lifestyle journey or have already mastered the perfect chest to the ground push-up, today MATTERS.
I care about your success and can’t wait to provide you with the tools to move you forward!!!



  •  NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • BSc. Kinesiology 

         University Waterloo

  • OTA- Certified Online Trainer 
  • Life Athlete


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