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Jeff Rasley

Lindsey Eastgate 
My perception of beauty is so different from what it was before –strong is beautiful! Being able to do workouts I never thought I could do is motivating, and seeing results like I have seen after three months is rewarding after putting in the hard work!
Krista Dagnall
"I’m more focused on improving and pushing myself during each workout. The thought of how I feel after keeps me motivated to sweat through the excuses and work harder than yesterday."
Erica Walt, 28
"My opinion of exercise has changed immensely since starting!  It’s never a chore- it’s a passion.  I found the courage and support to be true to myself."
Krista Reda
"I know that my workout is just for me. It will keep me strong in the body and the mind. I just have to go do it."
Pushing hard and sweating more and digging deep was my way of pushing negativity that was out of my control, pushing it out of my heart and head. My workouts are a necessity, it’s part of my mental maintenance package.
Wanda Miller

Jill Honey, 42

My biggest physical achievement is the amount of upper body strength and core strength I have gained since starting E Squared workouts.  This has positively impacted my running and cycling speed and endurance as well as functional movements like gardening, cutting grass… hauling the water softener salt to the basement! 
I have learnt that the physical results come with time, however exercising regularly, positively impacts your mental health immediately.  E Squared has increased my self-esteem, motivation and added excitement to my daily routine. 

Lily Bennett, 19

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Focus on being healthy - Steph S

I was inspired me to make so many positive changes in my life. It gave me the 'push' I really needed to get in shape and focus on being healthy instead of wanting to be skinny.