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Our 2020 Summer Program will run Monday July 6th - August 31st … 


I am looking for individuals who want to build a sustainable healthy lifestyle!!! No dieting, no 7 day a week workouts, no scales, no obsessing. I want to help you create a lifestyle that will lead you to being ‘FIT FOR LIFE’!  

If you are ready to get into a routine, rock some workouts, and get immersed into the E Squared Lifestyle, our Summer Program is for you!  You commit to working out 2-5 times a week, eating your veggies, staying hydrated, thinking positive and accepting that YOU can change the way you think about 'healthy living'.  Fitness CAN BE FUN, let me show you how! 


AND - who doesn't need that extra accountability to stay committed to their plan this SUMMER ;) 

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July 6th join us for 2 months of accountability, education, motivation and direction 

We guarantee you will not only gain strength, lose fat, and feel great, but you will also learn to LOVE exercise and become so motivated you will start to crave building a healthy lifestyle. 
We provide ten, 25-35 min follow along workout videos (starring MOI) that can be done from the comfort of your own home. All workouts can be modified and completed with a hand weight(s) and stretchy band! You will be held accountable to your scheduled workouts though our online members software over the course of the Program.  I ask all participants to complete 2-5 workouts each week (YOU HAVE THE TIME, friends!).
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Each week we focus on different ‘health related’ topics and master our daily habits creating LASTING lifestyle changes! We track sleep, hydration, ‘extra’ movement, and fruit/veg intake. All things we can control.
We're not about just looking fit here at E Squared Fitness, we're about BEING FIT. Over the course of the Program, we will turn up the heat, bring the energy, and watch you excel! No matter if you're a mom just wanting to feel good and do something for YOU, or a lady boss training for a your next big event... we want to increase your strength and stamina, build your confidence and inspire you to live a healthy active life!
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Are you working out and seeing slow, steady results? Do you feel like you aren’t heading in the right direction or spinning in circles trying to reach your goals? Are you lacking motivation in your workouts, inhibiting you to challenge yourself? If you answered yes to one of those questions you fit the part for our Summer Program!! ​
E Squared Online is not the ‘next best thing’, or the latest workout craze.  We pride ourselves on creating workouts that consist of tried and tested exercises that are designed to challenge your whole body each and every day. We want you to succeed and inspire those around you to live a healthy, active life!
There’s no fluff here … just fitness made FUN!
So…what does it take to succeed, transform and reach your goals ?!

- A desire for change
- Dedication to fitness and nutrition
- Lifestyle geared toward reaching your goals
- Amping your fitness routine to the next level
- Positive attitude
- Killer work ethic
What’s included in The Summer Program?? 
- Personal support from me throughout the Program (I care about your success)
- 10 Follow along workouts with yours truly leading and encouraging you (pre scheduled for when YOU want to workout) 
- Accountability and Habit Tracking
- Motivation and Direction 
- Education, let me teach you how to take ownership of your heath & fitness and enjoy the process.
- Achieving your goals is possible! Let me show you how. 
**** AND as a bonus for signing up early you will receive a BONUS workout (follow along video only) .. might as well get your booty moving now, right!?! 
See what some of our members have to say about E Squared Fitness Online! 
Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 11.06.03

“I can’t thank you enough for your support. I have achieved so much in the last 2 months. More than I have accomplished in the last 2 years with Beachbody or crash diets or Keto! You have changed my way of thinking. It’s crazy because I thought I was doing well with Beachbody, but nothing was changing. I would get even more discouraged and eat even more crap to sooth my soul! With your program even though you are not physically here telling me what to do, I still have a mindset like you are. I do the follow along videos and it’s like you are right here coaching me. I love it.
Every day every choice I make I here your voice, "is it worth it? Will you get something out of it" and I’m listening. I haven’t taken final measurements yet but out of curiosity I broke the scale out of the closet because I’m wearing clothes that haven’t seen the light of day in 2 years and wouldn’t you know it, without even trying to kill myself at the gym for 2h a day I’ve lost 12lbs in 2 months. That’s crazy.
The progress I’ve made is mind blowing. My emotional eating and late night snacking is almost nonexistent. You’ve changed my mindset and my relationship with food. I feel in control of my body and mind now, and it shows. Thanks so much for showing me a positive constructive and rewarding approach to a healthy lifestyle where I don’t beat myself up for falling off the wagon. I just get back on at my next meal and make sure to drink my water and eat my veggies!
My whole outlook on exercise and healthy eating has changed and it's exactly what I needed. No more shakes and pills just using my own judgment and getting results. Wow! Glad I'm not falling victim to Weight loss schemes anymore. Looking forward to continuing on, see you on screen in the New Year!
  • Kathleen E
‘Before starting the Challenge I feared I wouldn’t be committed. I pushed myself to turn on the workout and do it. With the app and the daily reminders of what to do, it really does work. Emma (and the app) held me accountable. With the pop up questions every day and knowing Emma will want feed back throughout the Challenge forced me to stick with it. I really LOVE this program, the accountability, and the encouragement. Thank You.” 
"I love how I can incorporate a healthy lifestyle into a busy career. I am on my way to a new normal"
"Emma is motivating!! Before joining I wasn’t sure if I would have enough time, the right equipment and if I would hurt myself! Doing the exercises with Emma previously in classes really helped me personally as I had an idea already about how to do them. The videos are spot on."
"As always Emma’s online workouts & programming continue to make me accountable for my over all health & well-being. I have been doing her online program for over a year & absolutely love it. Her inspirational emails continue to motivate me to move properly throughout the day, eat my veggies & drink my water! Love this program."
"The way you have it with the workout and the emails, it keeps you accountable. The follow along videos are great and you always seem to correct my form at the right time, even without seeing me!"
"Can't say enough good things about E Squared. It has changed my life! I feel great and happy and energized and strong! :)"
‘I was a little worried that there wouldn’t be enough accountability to keep me going... this was not the case.... I think I only missed 1 workout. The daily accountably schedule as well as the daily e-mails and the “don’t miss 2 in a row” Kept me on track.’
"Thanks again Emma - your enthusiasm is contagious and makes it so much easier to jump out of bed and get those workouts done!"
"As always, I love E Squared workouts and the challenges keep me engaged!"
"Before joining E Squared Fitness classes, and participating in E Squared Online, I could never stay motivated and never knew if I was doing things right.  After 6+ months of training consistently, I have definitely toned and gained muscle.  Staying motivated in class and more importantly when doing the workouts on my own has been one of my biggest achievements thus far!  Emma inspires me to get up and do my workout, even though she’s not physically there!  I feel energized for the remainder of the day and have more ambition to get things done. I feel some people do a job but Emma is doing what she loves and has inspired so many people to live a healthier lifestyle!  I can’t wait for more online workouts." 
- Kristie Andrews, Norwood Ont. Hairstylist. 
I have been training with E Squared Online for 4 months!  I get up early and I get my work out done first thing. It sets my tone for the day and helps me remember to keep my goals all day long.  I was a member of E Squared Bootcamp classes in Victoria BC, I loved the in person classes along with Emma’s comments and encouragement. BUT, online - she is just as encouraging... I just love seeing her face!!!
I love that I check into a real person that I know and will hold me accountable. I also love that she talks about empowerment and not weight loss!!!  Her emails, the information that is provided, her attitude and they way she make things easy to do have all helped me overcome my fitness struggles! 
She’s always telling us to accomplish our goals we set!!  I can now do a full pushup (3 in total) AND I wake-boarded for the first time this YEAR!!  Even if I can’t do it 100%, I will get there if I keep trying.
- Mary Cossette, Victoria BC.
I have a hard time sticking to “challenges” - basically I know I won’t stick to it so why even start?? But, I decided that I needed to get rid of that mindset and set the bar to an achievable height, which is why I chose to commit to three workouts/week. The challenge was tailored to each individual based on fitness ability, time etc. which right off made me think, “I don’t have to be that person working out everyday”. I knew 3 days/week was manageable and I just promised myself I would stay committed - I needed to do that for me. I stayed committed - I missed only one workout, which for me in a challenge is a big success!
- Kelly B
My biggest reservation before joining E Squared Online was keeping motivated at home. I like the motivation of e2 booty camp. The accountability of checking off items on the app was definitely a motivator to keep going, and knowing Emma is there checking up on me motivated me to do the workouts! The follow along videos also make it feel like she is right there watching you.
- Laurie C.  
I was very nervous that I couldn't complete the workouts or it would feel like a chore because I was trying to get back into it after having 2 kids. The workouts were challenging but not impossible. I loved the length, I was able to fit it into our busy schedule and I always came out sweating. The workouts were fun and the videos definitely helped for new exercises I had never done before.
Great idea, great product. LOVED the challenge. Thank you for letting me be apart of it.
- Shannon H
I was worried I would slack off and wouldn’t do the workouts because I wasn’t physically at boot camp.  I knew I would feel a lot of guilt if i didn’t do my scheduled workouts (I opted for 5 days/week) and I was able to meet that goal.  Thank you so much Emma! I am so glad you brought your workouts and energy to the online community. Working full time and being a full time momma makes it hard to get out to the barn but having the ability to do at home workouts is a game changer!
- Courtney N
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 Sign - up Process 

 Step 1: 

APPLY to be part of our Online Training Program! 

**** Check your junk mail if you haven't heard from me in 24hrs.  AND add to your safe list!****

 Step 2 : 

Once you have been approved, you can sign up for our 2020 Buns and Guns Spring Program by clicking on the 'Buy Now' button below. Purchase your training via Paypal, Credit card or Debit. 

$85 + HST

 Step 3 : 

Once your payment has been approved I will send you an email with your 'Voucher Code' within 24hrs. You can then sign up below and create your account!!

** Remember your email and password.  This will be your login!**

 Step 4 : 

Once you've created your account and made a note of your login details.  You will then be able to login in via our members login page here!  

Once in your account you can fill out your participation form, informed consent form, and start-up questionnaire that appear under the 'forms' tab and in your calendar.  These are mandatory before you can receive your workouts ** MAKE SURE TO HIT SAVE when filling out the forms **.  (You will be receiving an email from me as soon as you create your account, with more information about the Start Up Forms) 

You will also find our wonderful Welcome Booklet under the 'coaching' tab!  You can download this, print it off, and read it before your Program starts!  In this, you will find information on how to get the most out of your training, along with loads of resources to help you succeed! 

 Step 5 : 

On the Friday morning prior to the start of the Program you will see ALL your workouts go live (under the 'Program' tab and on your calendar)!  

You will also see assessments to do during your first week, results tracking (measurements), and before photos (if you please). 

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